zoomrah's Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice is valid for the all websites hosted by Zoomrah Sdn Bhd, its related companies and the zoomrah App (collectively "Services").

Zoomrah is committed to protecting your personal information and will take the relevant measures to safeguard your personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and Personal Data Protection Regulations 2013 including their revisions. In this Privacy Notice we provide information about the processing of personal data while using our Services. Personal data is any data that can be used to identify you. The protection of your personal data is very important to us. If you have any questions or would like more information about privacy at zoomrah, please contact [email protected] with the subject ‘Privacy Query’.

Continuous technological development, changes to our services, changes to laws, or other reasons may require us to amend our Privacy Notice. We will make changes to this Privacy Notice regularly and we ask that you keep yourself informed of its contents.

1. Party responsible for data processing

The controller of the personal data we process is Zoomrah Sdn Bhd, having its offices at Level 12, Unit 08, Tower 2 Wangsa 118, Jalan Wangsa Delima Wangsa Maju Kuala Lumpur, 53300 Wilayah Persekutuan, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, E-mail: [email protected].

2. Data protection officer point of contact

You can reach our data protection officer at [email protected]. with the subject ‘Privacy Query’.

3. Your rights

You have the following rights with respect to your personal data:

3.1 General rights

You have the right to information, access, correction, deletion, restriction of processing, objection to processing, and data portability. If processing is based on your consent, you have the right to revoke it at any time

3.2 Rights to object to processing of data based on legitimate interests

You have the right to object at any time for reasons arising out of your particular situation against the processing of personal data relating to you when your data is processed. This also applies to profiling. If you object, we will no longer process your personal data unless we can establish compelling and legitimate grounds for processing that outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms, or if the processing aids the enforcing, exercising or defending of legal claims.

3.3 Rights to object to direct marketing

If we process your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing, you have the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing; this also applies to profiling, insofar as it is associated with direct marketing.

If you create a zoomrah user account, we will send you our newsletter and other direct marketing. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter or delete your zoomrah user account at any time.

3.4 Right to complain to a supervisory authority

You also have the right to complain to a relevant data protection supervisory authority about our processing of your personal data.

4. The processing of personal data when using the Services

We process your personal data using the legitimate interests legal basis, except in specific circumstances where you provide consent or where the processing is necessary for a contract that you have with us or where you have asked us to take specific steps prior to entering into a contract. We apply appropriate safeguards to protect your privacy and we process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Helping you find your ideal umrah.
  • Providing you with customised and more relevant umrah search results.
  • Providing, securing, maintaining and improving our Services for our users.
  • Developing new products and features related to umrah search and travel.
  • Understanding how users use our Services so that we can improve the performance and provide better services to our users.
  • Direct marketing to users of our services about our Services or related services.
  • Advertising conducted by us and third parties on our Services and on the websites of third parties.
  • User research that improves users’ experience of our Services and improves our Services.
  • Assisting you with making umrah reservations.
  • Complying with legal obligations, preventing fraud and resolving disputes.
  • Assisting law enforcement authorities investigate and solve crimes.

When you use our Services, we process these types of personal data:

  • Personal Identifying information such as your name, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses.
  • Personal details such as age, sex, date of birth.
  • Electronic identification data such as IP addresses, cookies, connection moments, device ID’s mobile advertising identifiers, date and time of the inquiry, time, request contents, (concrete page), access status/HTTP status code, amount of data transferred, website receiving the request, browser software and version, operating system and its interface, and language.
  • Data that your browser or device makes available.
  • Electronic localization data such as GPS data and locational data.
  • Financial identification data such as credit or debit card numbers.
  • Data about your interaction with our Services, including the details inputted by you when you conduct a search using our Services.
  • Data relating to the umrah reservations that you make, such as dates, and price.
  • Security details such as passwords related to our Services.
  • When you use our Services and click a link to an umrah offer that is listed on our Services, the online booking site making that offer may send us personal data relating to any subsequent booking or reservation that you make on the online booking site.

When you use our Services, we may share your personal data with the following categories of recipients:

  • Our wholly owned subsidiaries.
  • Third party service providers who provide data processing services for us, such as: hosting and storage providers, customer service providers, communications providers, security and fraud prevention providers, credit card and payment providers, analytics, advertising, and marketing providers. These providers are under contractual obligations to not share your personal data with anyone else and to not use your data for any other purpose.
  • Third party service providers who provide services to us that are independent data controllers, such as security and fraud prevention services and advertising and marketing providers.
  • Business partners or affiliates that we may jointly offer products or services with. These will be services offered through our Services in conjunction with other third parties.
  • Third party travel suppliers such as hotels, airlines, car rental, insurance, property owners, travel guide or activity providers.
  • Law Enforcement Authorities. To prevent, detect and prosecute illegal activities, threats to state or public security and to prevent threats to people’s lives.
  • As part of a corporate transaction such as a merger, divesture, consolidation, or asset sale.
5. Contact by e-mail or contact form

When you contact us by e-mail or through a contact form, we will store the data you provide (your e-mail address, possibly your name and telephone number) so we can answer your questions. Insofar as we use our contact form to request entries that are not required for contacting you, we have always marked these as optional. This information serves to substantiate your inquiry and improve the handling of your request. Your message may be linked to various actions taken by you on the zoomrah website. Information collected will be solely used to provide you with support relating to your booking and better understand your feedback. A statement of this information is expressly provided on a voluntary basis and with your consent. As far as this concerns information about communication channels (such as your e-mail address or telephone number), you also agree that we may also, where appropriate, contact you via this communication channel to answer your request. You may of course revoke this consent for the future at any time.

We delete the data that arises in this context after saving is no longer required, or limit processing if there are statutory retention requirements.

6. Specific functions of the Services

6.1 zoomrah User Account

You can create a zoomrah user account. If you create a zoomrah user account you will receive personal, password-protected access and can view and manage the data you have stored in your account. zoomrah user account creation is voluntary but may be required to fully use the functionality of some of our Services.

If you create a zoomrah user account, we will send you our newsletter and other direct marketing. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter or delete your zoomrah user account at any time.

You can manage, modify and delete all information in your zoomrah user account.

6.2 Umrah Provider

If you use Umrah Provider you will receive a personal, password-protected account and you can view and manage the data that is stored in that account. Umrah Providers may be contacted by telephone and be informed about new or additional features of the tool.

6.3 External Links

If our Services link you to other websites or Apps, those newly opened links do not operate under this Privacy Notice. You should examine the privacy policies posted on those other websites or Apps to understand their procedures for collecting, using, and disclosing personal information.

7. Use of social plug-ins

This website uses the provider’s social plug-ins.

These plug-ins collect data from you and transmit it to the respective vendor’s server. We have taken technical measures to ensure the protection of your privacy, which guarantee that your data cannot be collected by the vendors of the respective plug-ins without your consent. These will initially be deactivated when you visit a site connected to the plug-ins. The plug-ins will not be activated until you click on the respective symbol, and by doing so, you give your consent to have your data transmitted to the respective vendor.

Once activated, the plug-ins also collect personally identifiable information, such as your IP address, and send it to the respective social plug-in's network. Activated social plug-ins also set a cookie with a unique identifier when you visit the respective website. This allows the social plug-in's network to generate profiles of your user behavior. This occurs even if you are not a member of the social plug-in's network. If you are a member of the social plug-in's network and you are logged into the website during your visit, your data and information about your visit to the website can be linked with your profile on the social plug-in's network. We do not have any influence over the exact extent to which your data is processed by the social plug-in network. For more information about the extent, nature, and purpose of data processing and about the rights and setting options for protecting your privacy, please see the data protection notices for the respective social network vendor. These can be found at the following addresses:

  • -Facebook Inc., 1601 S California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA.
  • -Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA.
  • -Pinterest Inc., 635 High Street, Palo Alto, CA, 94301, USA.
  • -Instagram, Facebook Ireland Limited, 4 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Ireland.
  • -YouTube LLC 901 Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, CA 94066, USA.

8. Facebook Connect

We offer you the option of enrolling and signing in through your Facebook account. If you enroll via Facebook, Facebook will ask you for your permission to release certain data in your Facebook account to us. This may include your first name, last name, and e-mail address so your identity and gender can be verified, as well as general location, a link to your Facebook profile, your time zone, your date of birth, your profile picture, your “Like” information, and your friends list.

This data will be collected by Facebook and transmitted to us. You can control the information that we receive from Facebook through the privacy settings in your Facebook account.

This data will be used to establish, provide, and personalize your account.

If you enroll with us through Facebook, your account will automatically be connected to your Facebook account and information about your activities on our website, if applicable, will be shared on Facebook and published on your timeline and news feed.

9. Use of cookies

Cookies will be stored on your device during the use of our website. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your hard drive assigned to the browser you use, and through which the place where the cookie is set accrues certain information. They serve to make the website more user-friendly and efficient overall. We also use cookies to be able to identify you in subsequent visits.

This website uses the following types of cookies, whose extent and function are explained in the following:

9.1 Transient cookies

These cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser. This includes session cookies in particular. These save a “session ID” with which different requests from your browser can be assigned to the joint session. This allows your device to be recognized again when you return to our website. Session cookies are deleted when you log out or close your browser.

9.2 Persistent cookies

These cookies are automatically deleted after a set duration that can vary depending on the cookie. You can delete cookies in your browser security settings at any time.

9.3 Flash cookies

Flash cookies used are not collected through your browser, but through your Flash plug-in. In addition, we use HTML5 storage objects that are stored on your terminal. These objects save the necessary data independent of the browser you use and have no automatic expiration date. If you do not want Flash cookies processed, you must install a suitable add-on, such as "Privacy Badger” for Mozilla Firefox (https://www.eff.org/privacybadger) or Adobe Flash Killer Cookie for Google Chrome. You can prevent the use of HTML5 storage objects by setting your browser to private mode. We also recommend that you manually delete your cookies and browser history on a regular basis.

9.4 Preventing cookies

You can configure your browser and App settings as you wish and, for example, decline to accept third-party or all cookies. Please note that you may not be able to use all of the website’s functions in this case.

9.5 storage period

The storage periods for cookies vary and are can be accessed by via your browser.

10. Analysis

We use various services to analyse user interactions with our Services such as how many users visit our Services, which information is requested the most, and how users interact with our Services. The data that we collect includes referrer websites, which subpages on the our Services are accessed and how often, and the length of time for which a page is viewed. This helps us to improves users’ experience of our Services and improve our Services. Pseudonymized data is used.

11. Data security

We have taken extensive technical and operational security precautions to protect your data from being accidentally or intentionally manipulated, lost, destroyed, or accessed by unauthorized persons. Our security measures are reviewed regularly and updated in keeping with technological advances.

12. Data Storage

We retain your personal data for as long as it is required for you to use our Services, to provide our Services to you, to comply with laws. We will anonymise and/or aggregate your data if we intend to use it for analytical statistical purposes over longer periods.

13. Do-Not-Track Signals and Similar Mechanisms

We do not act in response to these signals because there is no standard in place.

Last updated April 2022